Trigger Hand Glove

Trigger Hand Glove
Trigger Hand Glove


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Trigger Hand Glove

True grip-shape anatomic cut avoids folds in the palm of the hand
Helps the shooter to maintain a consistent grip under any weather conditions

On right hand, Size M

Product Description

Trigger Hand Glove

Trigger hand glove is ergonomically cut for the shooter’s trigger hand. It has no seams around the areas of stress, thus providing unimpeded contact with the stock and the trigger

The palm area has silicone coat to improve the grip
Two useful finger slits make the gloves easier to remove

It is highly resistant to abrasion and is also breathable.

  • Keeps the trigger hand dry in hot weather
  • Protects the trigger hand in cold weather
  • True anatomic ‘grip-shape’ cut

Corresponds to ISSF rules

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