Shooting Chronograph Chrono R2

Shooting Chronograph Chrono R2


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Shooting Chronograph Chrono R2 II

Professional Speed Control with Chrono R2 mkII
Precidely measures the speed of bullets and power of the shoot gun.
Both Metric and Imperial systems

Product Description

Shooting Chronograph Chrono R2 mkII

Ballistic chronograph is a must have for a variety of shooters from handloaders trying to optimize load data to archers and air gun enthusiasts.

To measure bullet speed you only have to set correctly the muzzle and take a shot through a window of ballistic chronograph.

Shooting chronograph reviews shows it has No Problem to test the bullet speed even in daylight.
Compact and lightweight

Chrono R2 mkII

Both Metric and Imperial systems

Range of mesurement: 10-2000 m/s
Mesurement Error: <1%
Energy consumption: 100mA with illuminated LCD
Nowadays, the best shooting chronographs also offer a way to permanently record shot data. Chrono R2 mkII  has register and memory of 250 measurements. Rresult will be stored even after the power is turned off.
Data transmission to a PC using USBCOM cable or standard RS232
Power supply: two AA alkaline batteries 1.5V or this type rechargeable batteries / device also has a 5.5 mm jack for external power supply 230V  stabilized 712V voltage and power> = 100mA When AC adapter is connected  the battery is automatically disconnected
Dimensions: 131 mm / 68 mm / 87 mm
Weight: with batteries 580 grams

Additional Information

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 10 cm
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