ATRAMA PRO FT/HFT Butt Plate Adjustable

Butt Plate color ATRAMA
ATRAMA PRO FT/HFT Butt Plate Adjustable


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ATRAMA PRO FT/HFT Butt Plate Adjustable  ATRAMA

Butt plate for prone shooting and three positions Sport- and Free Rifle competition.
This model provides virtually unlimited adjustment options.
Buttplate made of AirCraft aluminum with fast adjustable screw.
For PCP rifles

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Product Description

ATRAMA PRO FT/HFT Butt Plate Adjustable for Field Target

  • Butt Plate Adjustable in every position with long arm
  • RED, SILVER, BLUE or BLACK color colorful
  • The adjustment rail with fast adjustment screw  permits comfortable and easy height adjustment while in position and in between positions
  • Wing elements allow it to be placed up high, at an angle and rotate around the axle
  • Rounded edge
  • Fits most rifle butt pad mounting
  • Good accessible screws
  • AirCraft Aluminum + Stainless Steel
  • Color Anodized
  • A precision-machined product of peerless quality, and a solution for many of your problems in the shooting positions!
  • Version without hook ATRAMA PRO HFT Adjustable Butt Plate
  • Shipping cost. Fast dispatch. Tracked delivery

Alpha gunsmith   WFTF approved

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AirCraft Aluminum, Stainless Steel

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